Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Last of Taninah : Mexico

Alright so here it is, the last of the Mexico pictures! It was a great trip, and definitely deserving of the number of blog post it has taken. This last and final post covers our last day 1/2 at Taninah. There was a serious volleyball game played - The Kopps vs The Taninah Staff. It was a good fight, but unfortunately they hammered us into the ground :)

Meal time at Taninah was always fantastic - good food, good people, and great entertainment! Checkout the video clip to fully understand. Our last dinner was a classic Mayan cooked meal - delicious! And they even carved animals out of food as decoration. We also celebrated Sarah & Sierra's birthdays.

On our final morning after breakfast we experienced a very traditional party activity in Mexico - La Pinata! We all had a great time, and enjoyed lots of candy!

Thanks to all the Taninah Staff for making our trip absolutely perfect!

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Marissa said...

Just the picture of the hot chocolate sent my stomach into major craving! Hmmm...where in western New York could I find halfway decent Mexican Hot Chocolate? I've got a new mission!
Thanks for posting all of these amazing pictures!

Melissa said...

Rob and I have been laughing at the pictures/videos of Jude all morning. But I think JUST as funny, is Syd's face in the last picture! Also...what exactly was Mom looking at?! :)

We found a pretty decent Mexican Hot Chocolate only minutes from our house. We'll grab some when you're here!

Rob said...

You guys did an awesome job of capturing some great memories. Man, what an incredible trip!

anita said...

These are FANTASTIC. I laughed till my back hurt watching the would be whirlpool scene. I must have missed that somehow, but how hilarious. Anyway to get a copy of the all of us pic? MAN...I'm so Mexico sick all over again now. We've gotta get back there no matter what!

mom said...

SQUIRREL! That's what I was looking at. :) Could have been a leaf blowing in the wind, a cloud, a bird, my imaginary friend, the breeze, an alien...but I guess SQUIRREL sums it up pretty well. Why...what was everyone else looking at??

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