Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Christmas Morning

Every Christmas Eve after my mom's side of the family has left for the evening, the rest of us hunker down in my parents basement to watch a movie and wait for Santa ;)  It's something I love doing even though I tend to not make it through the first 10 minutes of the movie lol, and it's something I hope we will all continue to do as our family grows over the years :)

Parker loves him some Diesel





2012 - first thing in the morning before we even open gifts 
(hopefully a tradition we will continue/remember to do each year)


Candy Crush Addict!
If you ever catch my dad playing candy crush when you call and ask him what he's doing - he always responds "just blowin' sh*t up" lol

Mom's bingo lucky charm

Yeah picked up a new hobby - knitting!

Doesn't everyone spend Christmas morning looking like this :)

Normally we do lots of traveling Christmas day, but this year we were able to stay home and visit great-grandma Topp's in the afternoon

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and 
are already enjoying a great start to a new year :)

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