Sunday, December 13, 2009


Wow! Where did the month of November go? It's been a crazy busy last couple of months. It's relief to finally have an opportunity to blog about an amazing trip Greg and I were able to go on with his family the week before Thanksgiving. It had been in the works for over a year! Thanks to Greg's mom this trip was made possible. She found the perfect location and greatest getaway that any of us could ask for. Any guesses?......MEXICO!!! Yeah that's right, MEXICO! Not only Mexico, but to a place called Taninah.

Taninah was so unique to any other place I had ever been. It was situated about 15 minutes off a main road that headed south from Cancun about a hour and a half. So pretty much we were out in the middle of a mexican jungle. How cool is that!? It was great to have the whole family together and in such a neat environment.

Enjoy the first of many blogs to come about the Kopp Family trip to Mexico. I decided to start off the pictures with a quick tour of Taninah.

This was the place Greg and I slept, along with his brother and his wife. It was called "El Bungalow"

Our Porch

Inside "El Bungalow"

Stairs that lead down to the Cenote

Part of the Cenote

Waterslide in the Cenote - (picture courtesy of Greg's sister - thanks Melissa!)

Some landscaping

View of the duck pond and in the distance "La Quinta"

The 2 ducks that lived in Taninah - now named "Pita" & "Sugaduga"
(the unique names are courtesy of Maddie & Jude)

Outside of the game room

Treehouse/play area for the kids

Another play area for the kids

Another view of "La Quinta"

"La Casita"

Inside "La Casita"

Inside "La Casa" - the largest and first living area at Taninah

Upstairs part of "La Casa"

The kitchen at Taninah

Another view of the kitchen and eating area at Taninah - place where we spent the majority of our time hanging out together.

These are just a few of the many places at Taninah. Hopefully I'll be able to show you more of what we experience in Mexico throughout the next few blogs.

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Cathy said...

Looks like it was absolutely gorgeous. I've never been to Mexico, but hope to someday. :)

mom said...

Waaa! I want to go back!!! Great pictures!

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